Embedded Concierge 

Smart Card Technology for Embedded Systems

A  security concept to get your products into the IoT

The integration of embedded systems in public network represents a big part of the upcoming Internet of Things (IoT). Connecting machinery and devices to the network does not only open up a multitude of new opportunities,  but it makes them also susceptible to network based attacks. To successfully exploit the opportunities, we need to protect the integrated know-how, the firmware and the generated data against unwanted access.   

Embedded Systems are harder to protect than PCs because they have typically longer lifetime, fewer resources and computing capabilities, whereas attackers have the same capacities as for attacking other systems.  

IoT and Embedded Systems 

Smart Card technology provides highest protection


Smart cards are widely used in payment and e-Government. The copy-protection of our passports is based on the security of the embedded Smart Card chip. Payment systems  use contact-less cashier terminals and Smart Cards to protect against fraud. NFC payments also rely on Smart Card modules for all security relevant operations.

The protection level of Smart Cards is considered high enough to protect our banking accounts (banking card, ATMs) and personal documents (passport). The technology is globally standardized and products undergo an extensive certification process (CC or EMVCO) before they can enter the market. We think that smart cards technology is just perfect to protect your product in the IoT.   


GlobalPlatform is a cross industry association which publishes specifications for deployment and management of applications on secure chip card applications. Their specifications of the secure element (SE) and their associated assets (such as personalization data and cryptographic keys) are the international industry standard for building a trusted end-to-end solution. They support various business models, from payment, e-Government to transportation. GlobalPlatform enables a standardized infrastructure for the global deployment of secure applications.

Java Card refers to an operating system for secure elements (Smart Cards) that allows protected management and execution of Java based applications (card applets) on the card. Java Cards implement the Java Card platform specification together with the GlobalPlatform card specification. 

Global Platform and Java Card - Global standards for secure systems

Embedded Concierge uses Smart Cards and Global Platform architecture to securely connect Embedded Systems to the open IoT

Embedded Concierge bases its security on established technology and infrastructure that is successfully applied in security critical global applications (e.g. ATM cards). We add a Smart Card to your Embedded System which acts as root-of-trust and stores all security critical data. Security operations are performed on the card, so that critical key-data never leaves the protected card. Embedded Concierge provides security services for your system without requiring security know-how for the application. We deliver the security relevant components and support you during integration. Dedicated experts from our team continuously maintain the required infrastructure in the background, so that your devices are protected at highest standards. Smart card technology is applied in payment and eGovernment and has an expected lifetime that goes far beyond the security goals for PCs or smart phones.