Secure root of trust combined with simple application of security services

The protection of digital content in an open network is a complex task for security specialists


Illicit access to networked embedded systems will soon be a primary goal for hackers. Even more important from the business aspect, are the protection of products against reproduction or modification and the protection against leakage of user data. In markets where the value creation chain relies on original equipment manufacturers (OEM), original design manufacturers (ODM) and electronic contract manufacturers (ECM) protection against clones is a must. Therefore the firmware of embedded systems is a central asset to be protected. It implements core know-how and makes it often the key differentiator for the product quality. With widespread connection of devices, the protection of the embedded software and secure remote access to the systems is becoming a mission-critical technology for vendors. The proper protection of digital content in such an environment is a complex task that requires security specialists. It’s a huge challenge to build up and maintain this specialized IT-security know-how. Embedded Concierge is a comprehensive protection solution, designed by experienced IT security experts, that considers protection throughout the whole life-cycle of embedded systems.

 To protect your systems throughout the whole life-cycle, Embedded Concierge includes the following aspects:

1. Security during development:

  • Engineering services for design-in of the security solution into customer’s system
  • Support for integration of the secure element
  • Consulting services for setting up a secure manufacturing process

2. Security during production:

  • Trusted 3rd-party (PKI) for personalization and protection of each produced device
  • Fully maintained security server infrastructure
  • Configuration and personalization of secure elements ready for integration into the boards
  • Delivery of secure elements by us or utilization of devices from your source (Java Card and GP version need to be checked for compatibility)

3. Secure field operation:

  • Cloud-based services for secure access of vendor’s embedded systems in the field
  • Secure remote access for data acquisition or monitoring
  • Life-cycle management 
  • Protected license management
  • Secure remote configuration and remote maintainance
  • Protected firmware update



From development to field application. One comprehensive security solution for the whole life cycle of your products






Integration support, card personalization and PKI services. All integrated security services from one trusted partner

Security declared as service instead of  'non-functional requirement'


The innovation of our approach is to offer security as a service. Rather than treating security as a “non-functional requirement”, we emphasize the benefits arising from proper protection, like new possibilities for your products coming with secure remote configuration, secure updates etc.  We want our customers to concentrate on their specific know-how while Embedded Concierge provides the protection and interfaces they require. Our product- and services-offers enable a cost-efficient entry for successful protection. For field operation we offer a pay-per-use licensing model that assures that costs only arise when the protection is required. 

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